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Every now and then The Dont Forget Travel Group is  invited to do a plane inspection if there is enough time between landing and take off. This week we got to check out Singapore Airline’s Flight SQ278  which flies between Adelaide and Singapore.

Landing at Adelaide Airport

Landing at Adelaide Airport

I have been on this plane many times but never really taken a lot of notice (because the service is so good)  and I could bore you with lots of detail about it being an Airbus A330-300 with 255 seats in Economy and 60 seats in Business…but why tell you when we can show you……

Unfortunately the plane was a little bit late so we didn’t have much time to really check out all the features. Maybe next time (if they let me back on!!)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

“From the four walls that currently surround you to the infinite potential of space, this week we’d like you to show us your take on room, rooms, or a room.”

Not one for being obvious, I didn’t want to fill this challenge with lots of photos of great hotel rooms. Instead I chose a few of my favourite “rooms”.



Ok I just said I wasn’t going to fill up on hotel rooms, but this is the view from my favourite hotel room overlooking my favourite city in my favourite overseas country. Whenever I can see the Parthenon sitting proudly atop the Acropolis, I feel happy….and very much at home. I’m sure I must have been Greek in a former life!





Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

One of the biggest gripes that travellers have is the lack of room offered by airlines. Maybe one of reason why this is so is because Singapore Airline’s stole everyone’s extra space and added it to Business Class on their A380. There is so much room it can fit 2 champagne drinking passengers.

Moet et Chandon Cellars

Moet et Chandon Cellars

Speaking of champagne…..(nice segue) this stairway leads into the room that I discovered that I actually do like champagne, when you drink it at the source. This stairway leads to the Moet et Chandon tasting room which is at the end of a labyrinthine network of underground tunnels and cellars. After a tour of the cellars the corks were popped, the bubbles fizzed and my tastebuds did a hallelujah dance. The French sure know how to make champagne. Up to this moment I had only given a polite smile through gritted teeth whenever I had to have a glass.

Belvedere Ice Room Whistler

Belvedere Ice Room Whistler

Speaking of drinking… (another nice segue) one of the strangest rooms I have ever been in is one made completely of ice. The walls, the bar, the shelves, the seats were made of ice. It was called the Belvedere Ice Room and served ice-cold vodka.  On a trip to Whistler I found myself in this room tasting vodka after being kitted out in a heavy fur-lined jacket. It was great fun. The downside was that due to the freezing temperature, you can’t stay all night in the room, even though the cold spirit is warming you on the inside.

Bayon Temple Campodia

Bayon Temple Campodia

There are many different type of spirits (yep, another segue), some alcoholic and some spiritual. On a recent trip to Cambodia, while exploring Bayon Temple’s many rooms I was surprised to come across this buddha . Despite believing that the temples of Siem Reap were abandoned, it was obvious that I was wrong. The Buddha had been cloaked in a bright saffron-coloured sash and surrounding the seated figure were many offering. Some of them were recent offerings proving that this was still an active place of worship.

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In their day, the temples of Siem Reap would have been considered opulent, (here comes another segue) but nothing like the opulence experienced at an exclusive dinner in the Hall of Battles, one of the majestic rooms in the Palace of Versailles.  Believed to be the first dinner staged at the Palace since Napoleonic times, it was a privilege to feel like a privilege member of French Royalty.

Speaking of privilege (ok enough with the gratuitous segues), I have had the privilege and pleasure to have this as my view from my Santorini room.  Really don’t think there is anything more to say…just open a bottle of ouzo, nibble on some grilled octopus and just enjoy.

Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece

The Don’t Forget Travel Group is taking part in the weekly photo challenge, but with the added twist that every photo has to have a travel element to it. Enjoy! #postaday




Air travel is so glamorous, right? Wrong, it’s a polished turd!
Polished Turd

Lately there has been a lot of interest, in social and mainstream media, about an Australian chap who wrote to Jetstar asking for compensation as he was seated next to an obese man that he called an infant hippopotamus who smelled like blue cheese and a Mumbai slum. Ignoring whether he was justified in ridiculing this man (we can discuss personal hygiene whilst travelling another time), did he have the right to demand his money back?

Let’s face it, he wouldn’t have asked for his money back if he was on the 13B bus to Burnside, and essentially a plane is just another STA bus with wings, isn’t it? What makes him, and others feel that they are owed something when it comes to flying. Is it the fact that that they have paid a sum significantly higher than a ticket on the 13B? Possibly not as behaviour seems to be the same if it is a domestic or international flight.

Why have people got an over-inflated perception of what to expect on a plane, as well as an over-inflated self-belief of what they feel they are entitled to?

It’s the airlines fault, all of them!

The airlines have learnt how to polish a turd, tell us how glamorous it is, and then throw that turd in our faces, and then run away when we complain.

We are marketed at with glamorous aircrew, lay-flat beds snuggling your fluffy down doona with a smug look on your face (that is of course, after receiving your turn-down service and chocolates). Add in the cool bars that would be at home in a hip NY nightclub, as well as the food, sorry, cuisine designed by a Michelin star chef (what, Gordon Ramsey isn’t in the galley preparing my hoisin duck on a radicchio salad with a jus made from the teardrop of citrus and pomegranate pearls – but I can hear a tirade of cussing emanating from somewhere). Of course the free-flowing champagne is French, and served in glass and the cutlery is real metal and the table cloths are just that, cloth!

If you do see any pictures of Economy class, it is invariably a shot of wide expanse of empty seats. If there has to be people then it is generally of two overly-happy people sitting in an empty row so as to give the impression that they have so much room – the rest of the plane is empty. There is no-one behind them with their knees up around their ears when the set in front is reclined. There are no plastic cups. There are no flimsy knives and forks. There are no grey coloured reheated salmon dishes.

Travelling is no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy; it has become so affordable (in fact prices really haven’t changed that much in 20 years, whereas wages have increased significantly). This has resulted in airlines cramming more people into the same space, meaning less room for the masses down the back.
It is basically false advertising and we buy into it. No wonder people are bitterly disappointed when the reality does not meet the expectation. The glamour of air travel is a complete lie.

The last time we got completely sucked in was when we believed that the Big Mac was going to look like the fresh, brightly coloured, almost “healthy” picture above the ordering counter!



Singapore Girl, you’re a great way to fly. This slogan has been around for a long tme, but it still holds true – especially if you are flying in Business Class on a Singapore Air A380. Everyone should experience this at least once in their life.

The Don’t Forget Travel Group had the opportunity recently, flying from Sydney to Paris. No one likes these long haul flights, but if you can do it in style, it certainly makes a big difference.

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While their lounge at Sydney airport may not be the best going round, it is light and bright and has the refreshments you expect in an airport lounge. Any sense of “average” is automatically blown away as soon as you board.

The Business Class seats are massive! Two people can fit in the one seat as you can see. The downside to having such a large seat is that you need to decide if you want to sit on the left side or the right side!!!! As expected there is a lot of leg room and there is even a foot stool. The seats are in a hard-shell cocoon so no matter what the passenger in front wants to do, it wont impede on your comfort.

Another of the creature comforts is the food – it should be called supreme cuisine. As if the extensive menu doesn’t offer enough choice there is always the “Book The Cook” option that will allow you to pre-choose from an even more extensive menu. Not all Agents know about this, so if you want to experience Book The Cook, then give us a call. I also has some of the best coffee on this flight – even better than many I had in Paris.

When you’ve had enough of the amazing service, just ask one of the flight attendants to turn your seat into a fully lay-flat bed. The back of the seat folds forward to form a proper bed, complete with doona and pillows. You do sleep at a sideways angle, but this shouldnt worry anyone.

The seating plan of the cabin is 1-2-1 which means that everyone has access to an aisle.

Because the flight was so comfortable I didn’t get a chance to get photos of the whole experience so here is the official video from Singapore Air

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