The first challenge was understanding the actual meaning of juxtaposition.

“To place close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast”

That seems simple enough, but surprisingly found it difficult to make sure the images fit the challenge. Some may be borderline, but maybe the explanation will get them over the line?

Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel


The size of the photographer is juxtaposed against the size of the statues in the entranceway to the Sun Temple of Ramses II, so show that the pharaohs thought that they were the big men on campus.





Possibly the most famous woman in the world
Possibly the most famous woman in the world

Mona Lisa smiled for Leonardo DaVinci, now she smiles for thousands of cameras every day. Her anonymity is juxtaposed against how famous she is.




Serenity vs Chaos
Serenity vs Chaos


The serenity of the old Summer Palace overlooks the chaos of modern Beijing. Ying and Yang.




Sun worshipping

Some worship God and some worship the sun. On the Greek island of Agistri you can almost do both at the same time. 


Zebra Nuggets?
Zebra Nuggets?


KFC is known for its savouring of chicken, not its saving of zebras at Singapore’s Zoo. Maybe this is the answer to what’s in a nugget?




Getting the position just right!
Getting the position just right!

This isn’t juxtaposti0on but more like “adjusting position” of her swimming togs! All very tongue in cheek – or is it bum in cheek?




The Don’t Forget Travel Group is taking part in WordPress weekly photo challenge.

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