The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, but as it turns out my eyes have been looking through a camera lens looking through windows! Luckily, not the creepy, peeping Tom kind. You can look in windows, and you can look out of windows, and when going through my photos I realised that I did both.

Decayed Beauty
Decayed Beauty

One of my all-time favourite photos is a shot that I took of a decaying window in an abandoned house on the Greek island of Andros. I love it because even though it is a window in ruin, with the white-wash plaster crumbling with weeds growing out of the mortar and the paint is faded, you can still see the beauty. You can tell that in its heyday it would have looked spectacular with its bright colours being highlighted against the bright blue of a Greek summer sky. In some ways this window could be a metaphor for Greece today.

Greece may be crumbling under crippling debt, its once strong standing on the world stage may have faded somewhat, but look beyond this and you can still see its magnificent beauty.



The Dont Forget Travel Group is taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenge, but we’re adding an extra twist as we’re going to try and adapt the weekly theme into being “travel related” somehow!
This week’s theme is: WINDOW



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