Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Ski fitness…aaaaaagggghhhh!

My last trip to Canada, which was also my first to Canada, I visited the well-known ski village of Whistler. It was beautiful.

Although winter had not set in there was snow on the top of Whistler mountain, but I kept imagining how beautiful it would be during the ski season.

How right I was.

This week I have been sent some photos of clients who are currently in Whistler skiing. Actually that should be bragging, because I have no doubts that the photos were sent to me just to make me jealous.

Well I’ll get them back because I have just been invited to go on an Educational to Banff and Lake Louise to test out their skiing facilities. I just can’t believe my luck!  This is what awaits…..



(thanks to Banff Lake Louise Tourism for the image)

This leads me to this week’s photo challenge of RESOLVED. I resolve to do my Ski Fitness exercises every day until my trip in 4 weeks.Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolve

Thighs, do your stuff!

(PS Ski Fitness is a great App you can get from iTunes)



2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

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  2. I actually got the name of the App wrong…its Snow Fitness

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